About Maris

As a girl I was the one who 'dared to have a view' on colours, fabrics and forms. I would save, not just for a new bag or dress, but a striking mirror or charming sculpture. Collecting and displaying treasures and trinkets, warm and bright, hard and soft, mixing colour and light is in my genes.

The choices I make are sometimes extravagant, but who wants mediocrity? Interiors must exude energy and an interesting personality. Strong contrasts can help. Humour is essential, and may also be present in a home. People, like design, should never take themselves too seriously.

About Maris

Rules such as symmetry, or only using light colours in small spaces,
can be broken as my only rule is comfort. The concept of 'much and many' is not always synonymous with 'overdone'; the right objects together can be like a symphony.

Pieces do not all have to be expensive. I happily place mass-produced objects or nature's bounty alongside rare antiques. Interiors must radiate charm and elegance and inspire people to move forwards using their own objects or future discoveries; they are never finished.

Amsterdam atelier

My aim is to share my world using a palette of different artists and artisans. In my atelier I bring together photographers, sculptors, carpenters, jewellery designers, fabric specialists, to create signature living design experiences.

I present old with new, large and small, multicultural, ethnic, exclusive with affordable. A home must be loved and used: set the table with the best crockery and don't forget the silver cutlery. In other words, make the most of all the beautiful things that surround us.

My atelier is where I can display and pass on the cherished objects that I have created or collected and I would love to share them with you.

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